A Facebook app magazine publishers (and Amazon) will love

As it only takes a mouse-click to add or subtract a Facebook application (which are typically not applications, but features), I’m quick to do both: add and subtract. (Earlier, I wrote about the “next shiny app object” phenomenon on Facebook.)

I’ve found that, for me, “apps that stick” — that I keep — are the (I’ll make up a term) “mirror widget” applications that allow me to mirror on Facebook something I do elsewhere (i.e., display the posts I make on my blog, photos I add to Flickr, bookmarks I add to del.icio.us).

I haven’t become a fan — yet — of any Facebook applications that are built around the sharing of favorites — books, CDs, movies — that allow you to see who, among your friends, like the same thing. These are early-hits among Facebook applications, however. Indeed, one of the first Facebook apps to hit the million-user mark (it’s now over 4 million) is an application called iLike which allows you to add music to your profile.

Now, there’s an “iLike for magazines.” So, I’m trying it out.

Via A.C. Kleinheider, I discovered Magazine Rack, which at the time of this posting, had only 400 or so users. Like the other favorite-sharing apps, the user can list magazines they read. Soon, I assume, I’ll be discovering who among my friends subscribe to the same magazines I do. (For experimenting with the app, I’ve listed mainly business-oriented magazines — and, I couldn’t help myself, one non-business title my company publishes.)

Magazine Rack even has a business model as it serves as a front end to an affiliate store the application developer has set up on Amazon.com. If anyone subscribes to a magazine I recommend, the app-developer gets a commission. By the way, the developer gets high-marks for clever use of Amazon APIs.

Sidenote: My favorite “app of the day” is Dogbook (95,000 users). I’ve added both my dogs and they’ve already been friended by “Thunder,” a famous dog in Nashville-blog circles. (Facebook humor: There are already several Dogbook groups on Facebook including one called, “Dogbook, How gay is that?”)

  • This is very cool. My new job is marketing magazines, so this is a wonderful resource for me. I just signed up for Facebook because of it.

  • Rex Hammock

    New job? Have I missed something? Look closely: This app could be “the competition.”

  • Yes, sir. I got a new job as a copywriter/web editor at magazines.com. Here’s my post about it.

  • If that job fell through, I was going to send Hammock Publishing my resume next. 🙂

  • Rex Hammock

    Okay, Brittney. If that’s your new job, they definitely are “the competition” as they are using an Amazon.com affiliate account. But it’s definitely something you should check out. After you get registered, be sure to friend me. By the way, Jackson Miller is a magazines.com alumnus.

  • Oh.

    And, of course I’ll friend you.

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