Google Print Ads now used by 225 newspapers

While not quite scaling at the rate of, say, Google Adsense that appears on millions of websites, it is worth noting that Google Print ads are now being used by 225 newspapers that account for more than 50% of United States daily circulation. When last we heard about Google Adsense for print, I believe most of the coverage and blog posts were about its failure.

  • I was one of the first people to use this service when they first tested it. I was able to get a 1/3 page ad for my old site,, in a major parenting magazine for $1,000 through their ad-space auction (that was dirt cheap as anyone knows). Part of me is surprised that they actually launched it, while the other part of me knows it was inevitable. I haven’t looked at their offering yet, but I’m assuming the “auction” part is long gone and it’s a full-fledged ad purchase system for print.