Facebook is to MySpace what reading a blog post is to reading an article about what was in a blog post

When Danah Boyd wrote her blog post and related essay, Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace,” I thought it was well-crafted and provided a thought-provoking, nuanced insight into a complex, but important online and cultural phenomenon. Unfortunately, by the time it made it into this Forbes.com article, it seems like tripe.

  • Hudge

    At the Nashville Room of the Nashville (TN) public library, you better be on MyGenes.com than MySpace.com. Not sure what that says about class – maybe more about the demand for computers at the main library in general.
    As a number of local public servants have said in my presence over the years, why do we need computers at a place full of books? (And a few have said the – converse? obverse? – why do we need libraries when “everybody” has a computer?)