Aloha-hulu-wiki-waki is the Hawaiian word for branding fads

Observation #1: The page about on will be the Mahalo-hulu page. In other words, are Hawaiian-ish “wiki”-sounding words on their way to replacing dropped-vowel spelling as the new trend in branding web-services?

Observation #2: If Newscorp/Universal didn’t purchase, they’ve just added a zero or two to the value of that domain name.

Observation #3: Is it a trend story that people hang stupid names on Internet startups? Stupid names for web-stuff is old skool.

Later: TechCrunch discovers some translations for “hulu,” including “butt” in Indonesian and “cease and desist” in Swahili.

  • It all started with “Akamai” didn’t it?
    mahalo and hulu are just late to the party 😉

  • Hudge

    Wela ka hao!

  • So the irony is that the trend is going from no vowels to bunches of extra vowels.

  • As someone who grew up in Hawaii – “Hulu” also recalls “Honolulu” or the “hula”. Personally I don’t care for these Hawaiianifacation Web 2.0 names. Hawaiian words can be very long and confusing: “kealakeakua” – “humuhumunukunukuapuaa” (a fish) I’d like to see someone name their company that!

  • i have to make a correction here. “hulu” in indonesian means “the end”. i don’t remember if anyone ever uses it as a synonim for “butt”, not even as a slang. sorry :))