It’s not just you — everyone is stuck in airports

Travel good news, bad news: According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, airline delays are setting records — like the government needs to tell you that. The good news is this: Southwest, the official airlines of the rexblog, had the highest on-time arrival rate at 75.2 percent. (They also have the best blog — however, that’s not a government statistic yet.) As I’ll be spending several hours on Southwest planes this month (starting tonight), I’m happy to note the on-time arrival statistic, as it will provide a basis for comparison that I will also note on this blog. Observation: For business travelers using Southwest, this week is the beginning of a short period of time when the chaos settles down a bit, as the family vacationers stay home.

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  • Hudge

    I find this helps me get through airports more easily:

  • Hi Rex,
    Southwest Airlines is honored to be the “official airline of the rexblog,” and the Southwest Blog Team is especially honored to be a part of “the best blog.”

  • Rex, I am always impressed with your willingness to travel Southwest so much. Being on a plane almost every week I just can’t give up control of picking a seat with extra leg room (exit row or first class upgrade). I also love being able to show up only a short time before my flight and not have to wait in line at the gate.

  • Rex Hammock

    @Jackson — It’s more than “willingness.” I’m genuinely fond of Southwest. They get me places on time and that’s all I care about. I enter some zen-state that wipes out everything negative about traveling. Truly, when I head to the airport, I prepare myself mentally for the worst and decide that no delay, no long line, no center seat will bother me. I don’t ask for much — just get me their safely and in a timely manner. SWA throws in some friendly employees and that’s like icing on the cake. And now they even comment on my blog, so what can I say? By the way, I think I’ve blogged about it before, but some SWA executive indicated a few months ago that the airlines was looking into a JetBlue like seatback entertainment system that will have some type of web access. And, I believe I’ve seen other reports regarding experimentations with assigned seating. I’d like both to happen — but I’ll take on-time, safe — and thrifty — in the meantime.

  • Rex, I truly appreciate your traveling nirvana. A key difference in your travels and mine is that I am not traveling on my dime and I am not traveling on my time. I also agree that the SWA employees are by far the nicest (and consistently so) of any airline I have traveled.

    Maybe one day I will return to the rank and file of SWA. It is not like anyone from AA has ever commented on my blog.

  • Rex Hammock

    Perhaps there is something to the “who’s paying” part. However, if, say, someone offered to fly me first class American Chicago O’Hare or SWA from Nashville to Chicago Midway, I’d choose SWA any day. I even prefer SWA from Nashville to, say, Oakland. However, when it comes to flying over four hours, bring on the frills — my “zen tactics” starts crumbling at that point.