Apple rumor #3 resurfaces

Longtime readers of the rexblog know that I have a list of “All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need.” It comes in handy because I can say, simply, “That’s rumor #3” when I read a “new” rumor about a “mutil-touch PDA 1.5 times the size of an iPhone and sporting an approximate 720×480 high-resolution display that comprises almost the entire surface of the unit. The device is further believed to leverage multi-touch concepts which have yet to gain widespread adoption in Apple’s existing multi-touch products — the iPhone and iPod touch — like drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste.”

As a long-time observer of Apple rumors, I’ll offer the following guesses: It will be larger than 1.5 times the size of an iPhone. And it will not be called a PDA and the brand “Newton” will not be applied to it or any product ever in the future of Apple Inc. — at least as long as Steve Jobs is there.

My guess: The product’s brand will use the word “nano,” as in MacBook nano, iMac nano, Mac nano. It will emphasize that it’s a small, touch-screen computer, not a large personal digital assistant.

Last guess: There will be a long line waiting for it on the day it comes out and I will be standing in it.

  • Hmmm. If it’s called “Mac Nano” then it should be smaller and cheaper than the Mac Mini. Maybe another reason for the iPhone price drop was to make room for this device?

    Still, I’ll be surprised if this is true!

  • Rex Hammock

    Webomatica – for clarification, the “nano” part is merely a guess, not a rumor. Actually, everything I’ve written is a guess — or a wishful thought. I want a Mac that is mobile as I travel a great deal. I’m tired of lugging a MacBook. Give me a MacMobile and call it whatever.

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  • I’m right behind you in line. This device will be especially popular should in-flight wifi become a ubiquitous reality on airplanes.