A shout-out to a happy Nashville blogger

Longtime readers of this blog know I am a bluegrass fan. One of my bluegrass-fan highlights of the past year was seeing the Grascals at the Station Inn. (Franky, all of my bluegrass highlights of the past year had something to do with the Station Inn.) Last night Nashville blogger Sista Smiff (and Tweetster) slept with one of the members of the Grascals — on the night the group won its second straight “Entertainer of the Year” award from the International Bluegrass Association. Sorry, nothing sordid here: Sista Smiff’s husband, Terry Smiff Smith, plays bass (and comic relief) for the Grascals. Congratulations all around. And thanks, Sista, for blogging and tweeting the award.

By the way, if you are in Nashville for the next couple of days, the Nashville Convention Center is center of the bluegrass universe.

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  • Aww…thanks Rex. You’re too kind. New Year’s Eve….Station Inn.

    Is Mrs. Hammock in the healthcare industry, by chance?

  • Rex Hammock

    Thanks for the heads up. re: my wife in the healthcare industry?…No, but she’s a big fan of Gray’s Anatomy. : )

  • The reason I ask is because I keep seeing a name come up in my workplace with a So and So Hammock and I just wondered if that was your Mrs. Not a lot of Hammock’s running around Nashville.