JetBlue says bye-bye Music City

I guess my regular use of JetBlue to fly from Nashville to JFK is not enough to keep the route profitable. The service ends on January 6. I think I’ve written here that Delta has done what it can to match the route — and under-price it. As soon as JetBlue pulls the plug, Delta will increase their price. I guess I’ll be doing the SWA Islip/LIRR thing again. Not my favorite, but by the time one hassles with Delta’s JFK operation, flying SWA into Islip is a pleasure.

  • Blair

    I liked JetBlue once they were in the air but their one route and use of the Embraer 190 – unique in Nashville – made small maintenance problems into big delays while they waited on the on-call maintenance technician to wake up, dress up, and drive to the airport. No joke, I waited about two hours on the ground once for a maintenance guy to show up and simply sign off on a slip of paper before we could take off. Delta doesn’t have that issue. Nevertheless, I wish JetBlue would come back to Atlanta since Delta doesn’t reach the level of creature comforts and customer service of JetBlue.