Why I’ve circled the date of the release of Leopard Server on my lame calendar software

Typically, I encourage the director of technology (or, as I say in jest, the director of hackology) at Hammock to go slow with upgrading our 25+ Macs when a new version of the Mac operating system arrives. With tomorrow’s release of Leopard, however, we’re damning the torpedos, full speed ahead.

Why? Well, as cool as they are, it’s not all those 300+ features Apple is touting on this page that moved us to make the decision a few months ago. Around here, it’s the Leopard Server that pushed up the upgrade calendar.

Specifically, it’s the iCal server and its support of CalDAV access and schedule standards. Okay, I’ll admit I have no idea what CalDAV is. However, I do know it is something that will allow us to quit using a server-based calendar software I’ve hated (yet spent thousands of dollars on) for over a decade and whose developer has steadfastly refused to allow the software to synch with iCal until they were forced to by last year’s announcement that the Leopard Server would include a networked iCal solution. Rather than spend $70 per license to upgrade to their new version when they came out with it (after years of promise), we decided months ago to use that budget to instead upgrade everyone to Leopard. Had that company jumped on support of CalDAV years ago, I may have upgraded then and, probably would have stuck with them through their upgrades. But they waited until Apple forced their hand and they, basically, encouraged companies like mine to respond to their earlier procrastination with our willingness to have the patience to wait on the Leopard Server option.

I’m glad to Now say goodbye to that software.

  • Hudge

    I am a qualified glad to say sayonara to that application. Qualified, because past upgrades have eaten anniversaries, birthdays, commemorations, etc., and I’m wondering if the change over will do so yet again. Not that it would matter much – after the last one, I said the heck with it and recreated all those important recurring dates at Amazon.

  • Blair

    Just the other day I was wondering if you’d be upgrading for this specific feature. I wish I could be there to see the virtual burning of the old calendar.

  • Rex Hammock

    Thanks for checking in, Blair. As the former Hammock head hackologist, you know how long I’ve been waiting for this. I was thinking of you — and wondering exactly how long I’ve been whining about the alluded to software — when I posted this earlier.

  • Patrick Ragsdale

    Did I say I ordered everyone a copy of Leopard? I was trying not to let that cat out of the bag. Shame we won’t be getting our upgrades for the server until Monday. I was planning on staying up all weekend learning the ropes. Oh well, Monday’s are usually slow anyway.

  • Wahoo!!! I HATE our calendar.

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