links for 2007-12-11

  • “Denver airport offers free Wi-Fi”

    It’s about time. I lived there for 10 years and when they did get finally get it, like most airports, it was fee-based. It’s so much more pleasurable when it’s free. I just went to Vegas for PubCon and their airport had free Wi-Fi. I’ve also been to some other airports recently, and they’ve had free Wi-Fi too. Now all we need is for Google to win the 700MHz spectrum and we’re there!

  • Rex Hammock

    Jon, Now we just need to get Nashville’s airport powers-that-be to join the airports-with free wifi club. I have a theory that it’s not just more pleasurable, it’s probably me profitable for the airport. As Denver has shown, usership sky-rockets. In their case (I haven’t seen it, but I’ve seen this elsewhere), as it’s “advertising supported,” I assume there is a landing page that promotes airport restaurants and shops. With all the new retail and restaurants going in at BNA, I’m sure that travelers changing planes would discover more opportunities to buy stuff if they learned about it while firing up their computers to check in w/ the office.

    Okay. That’s probably not going to sink in, so here’s my next strategy. I think SWA should REQUIRE all of their airports to offer free WiFi.