Get me re-write: Walt Mossberg says a Windows machine is better than a Mac

Walt Mossberg, the consistently Mac gung-ho columnist at the Wall Street Journal, is going to launch a million rebuttals from MacFanboy Nation with his review of the Dell XPS One that concludes it is “the first Windows all-in-one desktop I’ve tested that I believe matches or exceeds the iMac in hardware design.”

I wonder if the Dell folks are doing a re-write parody of this early “I’m a Mac” ad:

  • Ha ha, I already started…

    The main problem I see with it is that no matter what it looks like it still come with Vista.

    Not to worry though, while Walt’s tun may have changed, the song remains the same: “so do I recommend this over the Apple iMac?” … “the answer is no, not quite”.

  • Rex Hammock

    MG, You’re high on my list of approved Mac Fanboys.