Who says printers don’t have a sense of humor?

Warning: Turn down your volume.
Way down.

The video embedded to the left is an amusing “angry man” rant (reminds me a bit of Loren Feldman) in which an actor playing the part of a printer (or maybe it’s a printer who should go into acting [later: see comments to learn who he is]) let’s loose on all the $#x0ons?s who are down on print these days. It’s even funnier knowing that it was produced and posted on YouTube by the Canadian printing company, Pazazz. There are lots of “bleeps” in it, and, again, you’ll want to turn down the volume.

Thanks for the link goes to one of my favorite magazine publishing gadflies, Bo Sacks, who thinks it’s “the best, the funniest, the most poignant video of the printing business that I have ever seen or thought I might see.”

  • Rex: As amazing as it might seem, the “actor” is the CEO of the company who is named Warren. It is he who is the enraged “printer”. So as you state perhaps Warren should go into acting. How would you like to negociate a print contract with him? Hmmm I may have already done so, because I remember very similar postures and assorted bleeps.

  • Rex Hammock

    Bo, I now have a new hero. And who knows, maybe a new vendor.