I’m in awe of Marc Andreessen

Heck, I’m not even sure I agree with his assessment of the inevitable demise of the New York Times, but I’ll say this: Marc Andreessen is one helluva persuasive essayist. If he keeps this up, I even think he could get a job as a professional writer if things don’t work out with his current gig of being a 36-year-old billionaire serial entrepreneur.

  • Hi Rex, just added you on Twitter so thought I’d check out your blog, too.

    Marc Andreessen’s blog is certainly one of the best, though I’m also not so sure it’s wise to write off the NY Times. They seem to be one of the few old-media companies that really seems to get technology, especially since they became an early adopter of RSS.

    Since then, they’ve added some video, made their content free, and now become an investor in Automattic (WordPress). Besides, they’ve got a great global brand.

    I recall someone arguing about a decade ago that as technology improves, most all colleges (as with textbooks) will end up using lectures by just a few star professors from top schools, that the internet would effectively raise the value of the top “global” brands, while lowering the value of most local brands.

    I’m not sure if this is correct, but if so, it might seem to likewise apply to top media outlets, provided they were aggressive about adopting new technologies to spread their content.

  • Had some more thoughts, so put them in a post on my blog All Things