Remember, tomorrow is Podcamp Nashville

Hammock is happy to be one of the sponsors of Podcamp Nashville tomorrow at the Cannery Ballroom. It’s a free community “unconference” about new media — especially the kind of new media that I like to call mediacasting.

You can find more information about who’s attending, schedules and other activities at the Podcamp Nashville blog. It’s free to attend, but you are encouraged to register — and to volunteer to help. Look for me: I’ll be there.

  • I like “mediacasting” as a term because I publish videos and text, and “podcast” is something I did several years ago and has come to me to mean simply posting an audio file. There are all kinds of media pushed out on the web today, and it seems “mediacast” captures that change.

  • I like mediacasting too Rex, nice one. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


  • Rex Hammock

    I am not the first person to use the term. I did not ‘coin’ it. However, I had not heard it when I started trying to come up with something to describe all this pushing out of media.