A sampling of really annoying supporter-created campaign songs

Recently, I wrote about the lost art of campaign jingles. (Actually, the “jingle” is a lost art.) On this morning’s Weekend Edition, Scott Simon interviewed Jim Nayder of “The Annoying Music Show” about some really, really bad presidential campaign songs. Very funny stuff. The audio will be available at approximately 12 noon ET.

(Sidenote: Dear NPR & Chicago Public Radio powers-that-be, It sure would be great if The Annoying Music Show were available via podcast.)

  • I agree that the louder the crass crowd shouts (“apply directly to the forehead”) the harder it is for the good stuff to cut through the clutter, but what about “free credit report dot com” in its multitude of variations? There’s the pirate version, the junkmobile version and so on.

    Part of what we’re seeing, of course, is the reinvention of the popular musics, even the intentional funneling of pop, into ad-muzak. From Snow Patrol’s singing backup for the Scion and Yamaha to Iggy Pop’s striptease for Royal Caribbean, the drag-and-drop ad music paradigm is quick and dirty for any ad team with the pull to negotiate the rights.

    Also, chart-topping artists are established winners with audiences, a recommendation that inches them above the unknowns that might audition for a jingle gig.