discovers new Tennessee weather phenomenon: Basement tornadoes

From those funny folks at The Onion: Tennessee Helpless Against New Basement Tornadoes:

“Officials from the National Weather Service issued a severe weather alert for all basements in Tennessee Tuesday after a deadly new weather phenomenon ravaged scores of residential downstairs areas, leaving every other part of the houses completely untouched. The recently discovered targeted cyclones, known as basement tornadoes, tore through cellars all over the state, killing dozens and injuring hundreds.”

This explains a lot.

(Later: I agree with some Nashville readers who suggest this may not be funny in light of the killer storms that hit our area on Feb. 5. However, I also think if we can’t make fun of them, the tornadoes have won.)

  • Hudge

    Too right, that you have to laugh or go under…
    The tornadoes that struck near my home two years ago demolished the home of one of our city councilmen – fortunately, he and his wife weren’t home and weren’t injured. The next day, they went to Wal-Mart to get some basic personal necessities, since all their stuff was scattered far and wide. They’ve been married 40-some years, but as they were leaving with their sacks in hand, his wife stopped and said, “My mother always said if I married you I’d become a bag lady and here I am!” They stood and laughed until tears flowed.