Meeting other people who prove there’s nothing new on the Internet

Seeing the NY Times headline, “Names That Match Forge a Bond on the Internet,” I figured the story would be related to the hilarious one-man stage performance, British TV show and book from several years ago called, Are you Dave Gorman? In 2000, Gorman travelled the world to meet other Dave Gormans. After his show came out, they even all got together for a big Dave Gorman-palooza (see photo, below). In other words, Dave Gorman is the patron saint of “Googleg√ɬ§ngers” everywhere. But, alas, so fleeting is “Internet fame,” the article in the Times doesn’t even mention him. Back when he performed “Are You Dave Gorman?” off-Broadway, he got boffo review from the Times. But now, he’s just another forgotten Internet meme from days gone by who can’t even make it into a trend story about a trend he created. (Flashback: My review of Gorman’s 2004 show, “Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure”)

Sidenote: I have never met anyone with my exact name on the Internet. However, by a rather strange coincidence, I discovered that the President of the Lynchburg, Va. Chamber of Commerce has almost the same name as mine (his last name is Hammond, a name I often get called by mistake). Even more strange, however, is that the Vice President, Membership, of that organization has the same name as my wife’s maiden name. Interesting, yes. But not interesting enough to cause me to travel to Lynchburg.

That said, I’ve met several “Rexes” on the blogosphere and via Twitter and must say that our club, while small, is very cool.

  • Rex, I love this story for a slightly different reason, but I’m glad you found it. It reminds me of all these meet-ups, coffees or un-conferences revolving around one shared common interest: we all use “X” technology where “X” = the latest communication technology. Can you imagine car phone meet-ups in the 1980s where people who carried around VCR-sized car phones got together because, well, they all had one?

    I’m not saying meaningful relationships can and do often form around the most inconsequential shared consumer experience, but life seems a bit more intricate and rewarding than that to me. I’m only in my 30s, but I haven’t reached the same end of the Internet that others have. I can safely say I could care less about whether or not there are other Christian Granthams out there, much less if they have a car phone.

  • Nicki and I loved the Dave Gorman show. In ’03 while living in England, we saw a sort of 2.0 routine in which he went searching for Googlewhacks. It was brilliant. This post makes me realize I have not heard his name since. Pity.

    Tom Wood
    (not the Tom Wood who was on the sports staff of The Tennessean when I broke into journalism; hence my byline of E. Thomas Wood)
    (not the Indianapolis car dealer Tom Wood)
    (not the Canadian playwright Tom Wood)
    (not the Tom Wood who starred in “Meat Loaf: To Hell and Back” —
    (nor the master hedychium breeder, contemporary street photographer, race car driver…)

  • Rex Hammock

    @Tom Wood – Thanks for the clarification.
    @Christian – There may not be any Christian Granthams, but I know someone who looks just like the photo accompanying your comment. ; )