Wait, Google, that’s not in the storyline

The storyline is this, people: The economy sucks. We’re in a gut-wrenching recession. Batten down the hatches for the worst economy since (fill in blank). And oh by the way, where are those MREs we stored up before Y2K?

The storyline is this, people: The whole Internet advertising thing is ready for a bust. Sure, online advertising is growing, but with the economy in the dumps, no way is Google going to keep growing.

The storyline is this, people: Small businesses buy lots of those search ads and small businesses are hurting now, so expect to see some fall-off in the growth of search advertising. It’s going to happen. We’re experts, we’re ComScore, and we know these things.

And then, Google has to go and spoil it all by out-performing the storyline and even having the audacity to ignore the storyline.

Quote from the New York Times:

“Google’s first-quarter report comes amid intense interest and speculation over the impact that a slowing economy may have on the Internet search giant and on the online advertising business overall. When Google reported financial results for the fourth quarter of 2007, Mr. Schmidt, told investors that the company had seen no adverse effects on its business from a slowing economy.

The storyline is this, people: There’s going to be a bust in all that search advertising and all those startups who are depending on Adsense revenue to help them “monetize” themselves are going to get flushed out when that crazy money stops flowing.

The storyline is this, people: If Google sneezes, web startups die of pneumonia.

The storyline is this, people: Lots of old-time web people wouldn’t mind seeing that happen.

Unfortunately for them, those wishes are delayed at least another quarter.

People, don’t ya’ll know the storyline?

  • I love Google, but honestly, who buys Google ads anymore?

  • Rex Hammock

    Yes, Christian. You’ve got a point. I take it all back.

  • Hudge

    <a href=http://gawker.com/380877/south-park-the-day-the-internet-stood-still?autoplay=true

  • Ray

    Hopefully those MREs are collecting dust in a cool, dry place, ready to be brought out for financial disaster instead of natural disaster.

    I’m already starting to see a google effect on some of my sites….PITA if you ask me.

    And Christian, hopefully SOMEone is buying the ads! Just not me.