Quote of the Day: Rob Haggart (A Photo Editor Weblog)

I look forward to the day when magazines can return to serving their audience and not the newsstand. Until then you’re stuck with 109, free, biggest, hot, ultimate, travel, toys, secrets, great, perfect, best, sex, abs, weight-loss, getaway, new, insider, easy, delicious, shortcuts, paired with a celebrity you keep seeing over and over on the covers of magazines. - Rob Haggart

From the post: “Who Should We Put On The Cover?

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  • Hudge

    That should be “WHOM should we put on the cover?” Sheesh.

  • http://rexblog.com Rex Hammock

    Give the guy a break: He’s a photo editor, Hudge.

  • Hudge

    Sadly, whom is dying even among us word types. Like Michael Jackson, whom is rarely seen in public places, and looks increasingly odd at every appearance.