Happy Independence Day

My five-minute CSPAN-like tribute to Gen. Henry Knox is featured on Hammock.com as our 4th of July special. Knox (for whom both Knoxville and Fort Knox are named) is an unsung hero of the Revolutionary War. While at the DAR Headquarters in Washington recently (they are a client of Hammock), I learned more about his role in the war and the founding of America through an exhibit they have of a recently acquired collection of Knox-family documents.:

  • Rex, Many thanks for the Knox video.
    I am a revolution “nut” reading everything I can on the subject. George Washington was an amazing man, and given the opportunity I will/would wax poetic on the subject. My Mecca is Williamsburg Va., and the time period from 1607 to 1799 is a period of great interest to me.

    Your History pal