Tactics are easy and fast, strategies take forever

Sometimes I feel the need to remove Seth Godin’s Blog feed from my newsreader because the items he shares are so compelling, I fear my blog would soon drift into a series of “what he said” posts from what in some churches is called the “A-men corner.” For example, he posts today on how incredibly rapid certain tactics work on the web while strategy takes forever. Strategy is the hard part, not the tactics. (Can I hear an Amen?).

Explains, Seth: “You can outlast the other guys if you try. If you stick at stuff that bores them, it accrues. Drip, drip, drip you win. It still takes ten years to become a success, web or no web. The frustrating part is that you see your tactics fail right away. The good news is that over time, you get the satisfaction of watching those tactics succeed right away. (That’s me with an Amen from the corner.)

And that is the end of my Sunday morning sermon post.

Now turn in your hymnals to that favorite old gospel song, “Shall we gather at Seth’s Weblog.”

  • Dan

    A-men brother!
    Just like Church works all folks need to hear the good stuff over at least 3 times before it starts to soak in. Keep the soaking going as the rain needs to be spread around for all. One guy can’t do its the work of many. Hey this church talk makes a lot of sense in networking !

  • Drink the remarkable (purple) cow’s milk here in Godintown – better than the Kool-Aid in some other parts, ayuh! Catch the ideavirus! Beware the Dip!

    Seriously, Amen. And, moo.

  • It’s taken me over seventeen years to achieve instant fame and stardom.