Shoe Circus is just like a mini-mall for shoes

My blogofilter is lighting up this morning with, uh, observations about the 90-second shoe-store advertisement embedded below. Personally, I think it’s one of the best ads ever created for a discount shoe retailer. How they got Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld to promote the Shoe Circus brand, I’ll never know. And during the first game of the NFL season, no less! I think it’s wonderful that Bill Gates doesn’t mind being the subject of nerd jokes and it’s good to see that now that he’s retired from Microsoft, he’s found a job as a pitchman for discount shoes.*

*Joking aside, if I were the Shoe Carnival chain, I’d be all over this ad with some fun guerilla marketing.

  • Wait, you’re kidding, right? It’s not really a shoe store is it?

  • Yes, I am kidding.

  • I saw the ad last night…kind of. I saw Jerry Seinfeld and thought it was an American Express ad! A bit later, I looked up and saw him still on my tv and with Bill Gates and thought, “huh?” and started paying attention. Very good job on their part. The ad’s a real winner.

  • See, I can’t tell reality from jokes anymore since the whole Palin thing started.

  • I need to tell you that you made me laugh, then laugh again with this post. Very great stuff. : )

  • Lewis

    Interesting Fast Company article on Crispin Porter that was written a few months ago about them landing this gig: