Thanks, BarCamp Nashville volunteers


There are several blog posts and photos and Twitter tweets that wrap-up Saturday’s BarCamp Nashville.

So I’m just going to mention how impressed I was with the work put in by the volunteer organizers of the event and even more impressed that 600+ people showed up.

For those who’ve attended a BarCamp somewhere else, this one seemed big and organized — more like a small version of SxSW than a BarCamp. And the format of the sessions was more “conference” than “unconference.” Except one thing that was very “unconference”: the registration fee was free.

The best thing about any conference are the conversations you get to have in the hallway. And there were plenty of those taking place.

I met several people I know only through Twitter and got to see many folks from years gone by.

So, again, thanks to those who organized the event.

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  • I saw you in the audience when I gave my presentation, but didn’t see you afterward. Sorry I missed you.

    Was there really 600+ people there? That’s amazing. The organizers and sponsors really did do an amazing job. I thought the entire event was very well done.