Unscientific Hypothetical Presidential Poll

Changes in the context of news events and the potential for voters’ remorse have me wondering what is happening in that other dimension where the nomination process came up with different candidates. While this is a completely unscientific way to measure such things, how would you vote if you lived in that dimension? [If you’re seeing a poll question that says ‘should rexblog have more polls’? there’s a glitch. Sorry. Go here for the correct poll.]

poll removed due to technical problems

  • I still wouldn’t vote Republican or Democrat if these two were the candidates. I’m fed up with the status quo. Where’s my third party choice?

  • No non-oily, non-corrupt candidates?

    You might as well ask us to pick between Bill Ayers and David Duke.

  • Andy

    What about debate matchups we would’ve liked to have seen? I was itchin’ to see Hilary and Ron Paul in a one-on-one debate. Two VERY distinct political philosophies for sure.