A ‘code blue’ travel advisory


Monday, I’m traveling or in meetings most of the day, so I decided to embed a widget below that displays my Twitter posts (tweets) and web content I may bookmark or other items caught by my FriendFeed.com account. Monday night, I’ll be attending the ContentNext Mixer my friends at PaidContent are hosting before Tuesday’s Future of Business Media Conference, that I’ll also be attending. At 8:30 (ET) Monday, however, I’ll be slipping away from the mixer to find a friendly tavern in Manhattan where I can cheer for the Titans to make it 7-0. That’s when you’ll likely see the most “tweets” below.

[Titans fans: If you’d like one of those 7-0 buttons for your blog, feel free to grab or “img src” it from this link.]

widget now removed

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    Travel Tips

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