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The Mother of All List of Lists, 2008 version

Rex Sorgatz (no relation, but to whom, I just remembered, I owe a bottle of wine) has started this year’s edition of his annual list-of-lists. Here’s an interview about his list I did with Rex in 2005 and an update … Continue reading

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Online advertising that works (and it’s not search)

As I’ve noted before, while Apple spends a small percentage (about 10% in 2007 – sub. required) of its advertising budget online (a likely reason being they get more visits to Apple.com than most advertising-supported sites), when they do advertise … Continue reading

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Time out for a little Jung fun

According to a fun little web tool called Typealyzer, this blog (not me, but the blog) belongs to a group called, “The Thinkers.” Quote: “(Thinker blogs) are especialy attuned to difficult creative and intellectual challenges and always look for something … Continue reading

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