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The return of Apple Rumor #3

RexBlog Rumor #3 concept model. 11/07 Here’s something fun to do. Google the phrase Rumor #3. Here, I’ll make it easy: Click here. The top result is a link to a two-year old RexBlog page called All the Apple Rumors … Continue reading

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Two Tales of One City

If you read today, you discovered that: 1. New York City, because of its resilience, is uniquely weathering the economic downturn better than other cities, and… 2. It’s not. Take your pick. Related posts: A9 city, we’re not Nashville, … Continue reading

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Why most 2009 prediction columns are boring and obvious

I believe reporters should stick to reporting what happened earlier and stay away from predicting what will happen later. Why? The skills that make for good reporting (i.e., keen observation and understanding of facts and context, common sense, skepticism, a … Continue reading

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Just because you’re old, say over 25, doesn’t mean you can’t learn new stuff

Over the weekend, a story aired on NPR Weekend Edition Saturday called, Never Too Late To Learn An Instrument. I encourage you to listen to it. While it’s about adults taking up an instrument for the first time (good news: … Continue reading

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In praise of the NFL playoffs

A team wearing Titans uniforms lost today. They got trounced 23-0 by a team wearing Indianapolis Colts uniforms. Both teams benched their starting quarterbacks after one series. Both teams “deactivated” 8 starters. The Titans have six Pro-Bowlers and most of … Continue reading

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