If we all watch this every morning, I think we can turn around the economy.

The first thing you should do every day, is watch this 2 minute video mashup of key clips from some of the 40 greatest movie inspirational speeches of all time. Simply brilliant. Kudos to the mashup’s creator, Matthew Belinkie. [via: waxy.org]

  • umm, I think that we are kind of in the mess we are now, as a society and a country, just because we buy into this kind of false heroic.

  • Kevin, I appreciate your point of view, but the video does not actually have a “punch line” that calls anyone to a set of principles, values or points of view. Collectively, they merely inspire the viewer to go out and, in an omni -partisan, -ideological and -heroic fashion, “seize the day.” Rhetorical skills can be used with equal effectiveness by those wishing to inspire followers to any cause (good, and unfortunately, bad) — or to fix any mess. When Obama inspires people to believe that, “yes they can” help change the direction we’re heading, he used the same types of rhetorical and theatrical devices (brilliantly, I might add), you did not call it false heroics — nor was it. Again, these clips do not focus on the “objective” to which the character is motivating his listeners to aspire — indeed, one of the most clever edits in the video has George C. Scott as Patton finishing the sentence of Charlie Chaplin as the Hilteresque Little Dictator. Inspiration is neither left nor right.