Thumbs down on free money

For some reason, Facebook started serving me up lots-and-lots of different versions of ads offering me a piece of the American bail-out pie. As Facebook gives a user the option to “vote down” an ad and provide a reason, I think they now know (many times) I find these ads misleading, repetitive, uninteresting and offensive, and that’s just the beginning. I couldn’t believe I was getting so many versions of the same ad, so I started screen-grabbing them. I think this is most, but not all, of them. (I haven’t clicked on any of them, but I feel certain they will deliver me somewhere I can purchase something that is of no value.):

  • Paul

    I’ve been doing ‘repetitive’ on all of them. Often, the same ad pops right up again–or two of the same one (or three!)

    I think it’s a virus…and I don’t mean viral [advertising]. It’s disheartening to think of the legitimate, targeted, FB ads which can sometimes be actually useful. I hope FB does something about these ads rather than just taking it to the bank.