Is a glimpse of the business model for Twitter?


Yes, I’m the one who said recently that while I like using Twitter, I hate reading about it.

So excuse this post.

However, the suspense surrounding the unveiling of a business model for Twitter is amusing me so much, I just had to jump into the flow. As I wasn’t around when the business model for fire or the wheel were unveiled, I’m looking forward to this. Of course, I can think of lots of ways Twitter can make money — like enterprise licensing that includes groups — but it will be fascinating to see what the company comes up with.

Perhaps it will be something like what you see at, which, today at least, has become a results page of a Twitter search for #skittles — and so therefore, people are doing lots of tweets including the word. Pretty amazing use of conversational media if you ask me — but a novelty that has a short half-life.

Is Twitter, itself, involved and making money from the Skittles promotion? I don’t know, but I look forward to hearing more about it.

Later: MG Siegler points out how a sub-group of Twitter users quickly hijacked the gimmick.

  • Found this by way of a #skittles tweet. I definitely think this is a genius ploy on Mars Inc’s part, whether it is a viable sect of a business model for Twitter lies within the answer to the question of whether this antic could be repeated in the manner that it is and garner the same kind of response (albeit hopefully with less trolling).

    While there is definitely scrutiny from some tweeters about the lack of censorship involved within this idea, if Mars Inc. gave people forums on the skittles website, the same sort of trolling and vulgar posting could take place there. Granted probably not visible on their front page, but still.

    Besides, I can’t recall the last time I ever thought about visiting a website for a brand of candy.

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  • This is bold, risky and awesome! I love it!