They took ‘er economy

I’m not suggesting you watch the entire South Park “recession” episode (Margaritaville) because, well, it’s entirely unsuitable for viewing at work or home, it’s offensive and gross. However, if those things don’t bother you, there are some classic scenes that satirically capture the zeitgeist of the moment and that will send milk up through the nostrils of slightly off-centered people. Again, I don’t even recommend that you watch this embedded :59 second clip from it (especially while drinking milk).:

  • Stephen

    The “they took er jobs” started on an episode about illegal immigration. People’s increasing tendency to view themselves a victims of the problem of the day is a recurring theme on South Park. A scene from this episode that made me laugh and then start to think it could actually be happening is As a warning, it is less safe for work and PETA members than the clip Rex embedded. I will be looking for red splatter on Gietner from now on…