links for 2009-07-13

  • I must agree with Mark Cuban on this one: "If you want to start and grow a business that you retain control of, put money in the bank from and can make a long term commitment to, then always remember that sales should be the first thing you focus on when you wake up in the morning. Profitable sales to happy customers is the best path to making money. If you go to bed at night thinking about how to sell more and how to make your customers happy. You probably are in a good place. If you go to bed and wake up thinking about how to raise money to stay in business, you might as well get the new business cards and think about what your new consulting blog is going to look like."
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  • Set the wayback machine to 1999, Sherman:
    “Yahoo! Inc. Thursday acquired, the leading Internet audio and video broadcaster, for $5.7 billion in stock in one of the biggest mergers in cyberspace.
    Under the deal, Yahoo! is using its richly valued stock to pay an astounding sum for a company that lost $16.4 million on sales of about $22 million last year. But it could prove crucial for Yahoo! in the race to stay ahead of rivals as a leading Internet destination.”

  • Wonderful point, Aaron. I guess his point is, Do as I say, not as I did. However, he *did* have $22 million in revenues…and he was first. But there is something hollow ringing in knowing that the mount from which he speaks was paid for with billions from a deal that suggests there is something to be said about un-profitable fast growth. My perspective is from that of a small (relatively speaking) business that is profitable, not highly leveraged and one whose business model is extremely simple, comprehensible, transparent and fair to all involved.