How the internet sees me

(Click for larger view.)

That bar you see above (larger view) is a “visual representation of how the internet sees me.” It was generated by a project called Personas, part of an exhibit currently on display by the MIT Media Labs. “It uses sophisticated natural language processing and the Internet to create a data portrait of one’s aggregated online identity.”

As you can imagine, a mashup of identity, expression data and visualization techniques is right up my persona.


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  • I know this is weird to say, but dang, you’re beautiful.

  • So are you Aunt B, so are you.

  • Hudge

    Looks kinda like military campaign ribbons. “Yes, sonny, I got that in the Web 2.0 wars of ought-5.”

  • Very cool. I’ll have to do this for myself. Interested to see how accurate it is. Thanks for the link.

  • It is REALLY COOL to watch this thing figure out or scan for you as it makes the bar but I have to read more to understand what this actually means. SO COOL, none the less.

  • That is very cool! Is it something we all can do for ourselves somewhere, or do we have to ask someone to do it, or did they pick you because they knew who you were?