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Should I care about Flash?

[Screen grab: with flash blocked.] John Gruber writes a typically thought-provoking piece about Flash, the ubiquitous software platform that designers and marketers love because it enables animation and video that make a website act just like a TV or … Continue reading

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When it comes to the future, you have two choices

I have read with interest and appreciation the thoughtful responses to the introduction of the iPad. If you ignore those who label individuals who disagree with them “idiots” etc., this product announcement has inspired some really smart and articulate people … Continue reading

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What geeks and marketers can learn from the next 60 days

I woke up today to hear two NPR stories about the iPad. Story 1 was a technology analyst blasting the device because it doesn’t have a camera and so, therefore, isn’t taking advantage of social media. Story 2 was a … Continue reading

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Google gets a little glue-like

Many people know I’m a fan of a web service called Glue (although it’s at the URL, “”, not glue). I allow the service to follow me around the web and it gives me the chance to thumbs up or … Continue reading

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Quick thoughts on the iPad before being influenced by the crowd

I’ve been snowed under since “the announcement.” Here are some quick thoughts before I read what others have written: 1. No where in the marketing materials or presentation (except for a slide with a quote from Walt Mossberg) are the … Continue reading

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