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How my stolen iPhone was recovered using the formerly lame service, MobileMe

[Before this story, a caveat: In almost 20 years of working in the same office building, our company has never had any theft of equipment. It's a rather secure building and it is managed by some real pros, as you'll … Continue reading

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See you soon, Adam

Despite the rather amazing record we’ve enjoyed at Hammock for maintaining long relationships with clients, I know what it’s like to lose big clients. I know the necessary, but always painful, process of laying off employees who are not only … Continue reading

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Collecting related content isn’t curation

[Note added later: Please see comments. This post is focused on the use of a word, and even then, it recognizes the ship has already sailed. I don't disagree with Robert's call for a better tool to do what he's … Continue reading

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Does Wikipedia deserve to be among the decade’s top ten works of journalism?

Working my way through a backlog of newsfeeds from the past week, I ran across a blog post on by Greg Beato called, “Where’s Wikipedia in NYU’s list of the decade’s top journalism?” While he doesn’t make a convincing … Continue reading

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Content that works: Contextual content, in context

[NOTE: This entry refers to some features provided by the company Apture that have changed since I first posted it. Depending on what browser you are using, you may or may not see the small icons I refer to. I … Continue reading

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