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Google continues its search for the holy grail (a journey that leads to a war with Facebook)

[Warning: This post rated PG, for "Pretty Geeky."] Late yesterday (Wednesday, June 29) on its “Social Web Blog,” Google announced enhancements to the feature called “social search” they launched several months ago. I blogged about social search when Google first … Continue reading

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The Amazon Kindle App – Could it be the magazine app you’re looking for?

In the coming days, I’ll be writing a lot about iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) apps. However, I wanted to jump ahead of myself by pointing to this news release from about the new version of the Kindle App … Continue reading

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Obama’s use of the phrase ‘the red phone’ is the ultimate metaphor to illustrate what I mean when I say, ‘Twitter is too big to fail.’

Recently, I wrote that it is time to consider the notion that Twitter (the service, not the company) has become “too big to fail.” Here’s a quote from that post: “Twitter has become the electricity powering entirely new forms of … Continue reading

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A post about McChrystal, Petraeus, Magazines, Embedded Reporters & Chuck Norris

The guy who keeps Chuck Norris up at night. As someone who spends time interpreting to people the relative roles played by different forms and formats of media and content distribution channels, it’s been fascinating to see the coverage of … Continue reading

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Google Adwords launches content marketing B-to-B effort aimed at advertising community

While the Google Adwords marketing team did not label it “content marketing” in announcing it, their new advertising industry news aggregation service called “Ad News” is a great example of what content marketing is all about: Marketing directly to your … Continue reading

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