Morning quiz: Google knew it, do you?

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For a blog post I’m writing, I was trying to remember the name of a movie I saw 15 years ago.

I typed the following words and phrases into Google and hit “return”: movie italian restaurant chef brothers.

Google nailed it with a link to this movie’s listing on

Without looking, do you know what movie I was thinking about?

  • Frank Finn

    The Big Night, starring Tony Shaloob and Stanley Tucci.

  • jimvoorhies

    I had no clue, so I switched to Safari and Googled your phrase. I still had no clue. Did I miss something?

  • Sorry, Jim. I've now fixed the link. Great movie back when I saw it.

  • We have a winner.

  • You're wasting wordage — it comes up as the third link with a search of just “movie restaurant brothers” :p

  • Google knows you better than it knows me.