How to tell if the Apple TV Deux Over is still just a hobby

Two years ago, I wrote the following about the Apple TV:

“I don’t believe the problem with the Apple TV is about technology. It’s a (you can’t believe how amazed I am to be writing the next few words) failure by Apple to successfully market a product.”

In that post, I suggested that the first generation (or, “the Hobby Model”) Apple TV failed to catch on because Apple did not support it with the typical advertising juggernaut the company uses to push out products.

A lot has been written today about the new Apple TV and if it now has the correct mix of features and the right business model.

I’ll judge if it’s a serious effort by Apple if, during NFL football games, I see ads for the Apple TV mixed in with the ubiquitous spots for the iPad. And it will help if they’re not a lame as that ad from three years ago.

(P.S. I own a first generation Apple TV which means I am even more reluctant to believe in the Apple TV do-over.)

  • rex, as a follow up to the post i made on your twitter/linked in question re updating old atvs, please see:nn

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  • Thanks, Scott. In reality, I’ve always thought the device a bit out of synch with my limited TV viewing. I’ll let others be lab rats this go ’round.

  • I take your point about the minimal marketing push but, on the other hand, do you really want to put the full force of the Jobsian advertising machine behind a product that may not delight customers and that seems a long way from “magical.” I think the even bigger problem is that Hollywood et al have no interest or real incentive yet to allow the digital video marketplace to flourish. Unlike the music business, which was practically being put OUT of business and could see the writing on the wall, the big-time video content producers are doing just fine, thank you very much. And now they’ve convinced cable operators to pay them even more for carrying basic TV channels. nnAs I blogged yesterday, the complaints or shortcomings Steve Jobs addressed regarding AppleTV reminded me of the old Spinal Tap quote about Stonehenge: “I, for one, do not think that the problem was that the band was down. I think that the problem may have been that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being crushed by a dwarf.u201dnnHollywood’s antipathy is the real problem…

  • I’ll agree with your point, or, rather, I should say, I don’t know enough to disagree. Frankly, the more channels of video I have access to, the more I realize I’d rather be reading anyway.