Doc Searls on the death of Gil Templeton

When I first met Doc Searls many years ago and he learned I was from Nashville, one of the first things he asked me was if I knew Gil Templeton. “I certainly know about Gil,” I said. I explained to Doc that I had met Gil and we had many mutual friends — but his fame for me came from the legend he left at an advertising agency where he worked, and where I would later spend a few years.

Doc Searls, for whom Gil worked in North Carolina, has written a wonderful tribute to Gil, who passed away over the weekend at his home in Nashville.

Many Nashvillians, especially veterans of the Nashville advertising and marketing community, knew Gil — or knew of his work on campaigns like Jim Varney’s “Vern” character.

Like those stories Doc shares from his days of working with Gil at a North Carolina ad agency, there will be many funny stories recounted about Gil in the coming days by those with whom he grew up and worked with in Nashville.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Rex. One more item about Gil not mentioned elsewhere (far as I’ve seen)… With Jim Varney (who also died way too young), Gil wrote and played the part of the “Dust Bunny.” This was hard to describe, and I’ve only seen it a time or two, so I don’t remember all of it, but it went like this: Jim would face the camera with somebody’s hand on his head, fingers forward toward the camera, like a hat. The hand would move up and down to Jim’s voice (or was it Gil’s?) in the manner of a puppet’s mouth. I don’t remember if Jim’s mouth moved too, but it was funny as hell. Anyway, at least the hand was Gil’s. And so was the whole bit, I’m pretty sure.