What ‘Second coming type’ looks like on a website front page

On the walls of most newspaper newsrooms I’ve visited over the years, there are displayed some framed front pages of issues reporting historic events. The term “second-coming type” is the phrase I’ve heard to describe the screaming headlines that dominate these framed mementos. (The Newseum.org website has a gallery each day of newspaper front pages.)

I wonder if the newsrooms of online papers print-out such home pages. Below are screen grabs (screen shots) this morning of the websites of the five largest circulation daily newspapers.

I’ve included, at the bottom, screen grabs from two online news sources, Huffington Post and The Drudge Report. Drudge, however, looks like that a couple of times every week.




usatoday-bin-laden-20110502-071659 NYTimes.com







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