Two photo sets for a chilly morning

During this past weekend, my wife and I made a quick trip to the Tampa Bay area to visit my in-laws. Below, I’ve embedded a couple of photo sets from the trip. The first is four shots of a sunset on the inner coastal waterway, taken in the small residential community of Belleair Bluffs, Florida, in the Clearwater-Largo area of Pinnelas County.

The second is from the Yellow Banks Groves packing and shipping facility on Indian Rocks Beach, adjacent to Largo. As I note on the set description, at one point before World War II, Largo was the world’s largest citrus shipping center. The advent of concentrated orange juice during that period would, however, change the economics of the citrus industry and do away with much of the shipping of florida oranges and grapefruit, as it was then carried out. (Why? Well, that’s a longer post for another day.)

It’s a bit cold in Nashville this morning, so I thought I’d post both sets here to help remind me why lots of people go to Florida in the winter:

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    I have the winerlinks plug in, but something about it was creating a conflict with another plugin, so I deactivated both of them and put them on a list of things to check out later.

    My recent changes of formatting here are all in an effort to make it easy to read on an iPad without needing any help from Readability or Instapaper — altho I’ve added the “Save Later” button for Instapaper and would add one for Readability if I could get it to display right under the Instapaper one.

    More people read what I write here at other places (via an RSS reader, say) than do here.

    But bottom line, I write this stuff for 12 people. I know who they are. (Today, you were one of them.)