There’s another Rex Hammock out there

Don’t tell me you don’t have an ego-Google-alert set up so that when people use your name, you can be aware of it. Oh? You don’t. Well, uh, neither do I.

But if I did, I would have been alerted that a 9th grader with whom I share the same name was competing in a regional Lions Club speech competition in the San Diego area last night.

I hope he won.

If not, my young friend, Rex Hammock: There’s always next year.

  • Jim Reams

    Rockingham County District Attorney Jim Reams gets so much more press than me.

  • Back in the pre-historic days of the social web (like 10 years ago), the UK comedian Dave Gorman’s one-man performance, Are You Dave Gorman? chronicled his journey around the world meeting all the other Dave Gormans he found on the internet. It speaks to the experience of discovering others with whom you share the same name. (I have met lots of Rexes via the internet, but this young Rex Hammock is only the third one I’ve found that shares both first and last name. Well, and then there’s that bizarre one from some other planet that I ran across on YouTube once.