I, state your name, do hereby pledge to be a good Re-Tweeter

I’d usually tweet something like this, as it’s worth no more than 140 characters or less. But it went long and I decided not to take the time to write it short (it’s so much harder to write short, than long).

It’s a response to several things I’ve seen in the past 24 hours about attributing credit to others and aggregating, curating and re-tweeting and the correct use of the term “via,” and, frankly, so much inside baseball, that even I’m confused.

So, anyway, it all made me think of a previous blogging code of conduct controversy that took place in 2007 that led me to write a post about that code, one focused on “civility,” that inspired the subject line, “Just who are the #x!!ing idiots who suggest X#@!ing codes of conduct?

Later: A Twitter friend informed me this post seemed truncated. No, this is all. Remember: It was a long tweet, not a short post. ;  )

  • A big chunk of our tweeting efforts are dedicated to retweeting. I find the best way to keep it going is to make a mental note to RT anything that catches your eye as valuable information for your followers.  It’s called social media for a reason.

  • Let’s see: Betweeen my Twitter accounts, @R, and @smallbusiness and two Delicious accounts [http://delicious.com/smallbusiness and http://delicious.com/rexblog%5D and a the over 8,0000 posts on this blog, I estimate I have shared 20,000+ links. Not only that, in nearly every case, I have tagged and categorized those links to add value to them. So yes, I know why it’s called social media. My point is: I’ve done those 12 years of bookmarking (or curating) without anyone instructing me on what my code should be.