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When disaster strikes “someplace else,” first send money

Over the years, I have written about many natural disasters and the human toll they’ve taken. I believe social media, writ large, make such events more personal to us all — a shared phenomena, even for those of us not … Continue reading

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The Perfect Panic Pusher Storm

Man, did I get this 2012 prediction wrong back at the beginning of the year: “People will start growing tired of being panic junkies, so they’ll do one or both of two things: 1. Stop listening to panic-pushers. 2. Seek … Continue reading

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My review of The Catbird Seat (and why it took me a year to write)

This blog post took almost a year to write. It started when my blogger friend Joe Stirt, the Charlottesville, Va., anesthesiologist who maintains the cool-tracking website, the website I described eight years ago as the blog I would take to a desert … Continue reading

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The more words I use, the less I’m understood.

In his book, Worm: The First Digital World War, Mark Bowden describes a phenomenon called “The Glaze” that “every geek has experienced” when talking about technology with a lay person: The unmistakable look of profound confusion and uninterest that descends … Continue reading

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Loren Ipsum: My Review of the First Presidential Debate

Last night, I took a break from my extended vacation away from, other than Twitter, anything related to the U.S. presidential campaign. I used 90 minutes of my life that I won’t get back to watch the first Presidential debate … Continue reading

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