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Bing launches Google attack ad campaign

If you’ve been missing attack ads now that the election is over, here’s relief. Microsoft’s Bing has launched a website and ad campaign (see video below) that targets Google’s paid inclusion policies. While the “Scroogled” efforts don’t reach the level … Continue reading

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Essays and posts about marketing I’ve written recently, but not here

While I’ve been quiet the past few days on this blog, I’ve actually been quite noisy elsewhere. I’ve been helping launch some new features on the blog at Some of the essays or features I’ve contributed to may (should?) … Continue reading

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How to handle a political scandal [Updated]

[Updated on 11.13.2012 - While I would like to delete this post and pretend it never happened, I'll confess: Everything you read from here on is wrong. I showed extremely poor judgment and  wishful thinking on my part to think that … Continue reading

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I have a moustache, it’s Movember, and I approve this message

With all the news focused on disaster relief and tomorrow’s presidential election, I thought I’d take a moment and mention moustaches. As the world is beginning to notice, moustaches are not merely relics of the 1970s or the top-half of … Continue reading

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How natural disasters are like Twitter

How we learn about, or even how we experience, major disasters spread over large regions, can be like Twitter: Snippets of truth, opinions, rumors, lies, inspiration, whining, complaining, heroism, sacrifice, brilliance, ignorance — a collection of ”small pieces, loosely joined.” Here’s an … Continue reading

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