Grovo just declared war on me

[Update: See reply from Grovo in comments]

I’m not a novice at this stuff, but I feel I made a rookie mistake last night when I agreed to a request to register for a web service called Grovo. (I’ve placed no link to it — and suggest you stay away.)

I used my Google Mail account (which in my case is my company mail, as we are a Google Apps for Business customer) to log on and selected an option that I thought would make me discoverable to anyone who used the service who is among my contacts.

What I did, however, was spam everyone who is a contact.

Yes, that was my mistake.

But, it was a mistake I’ve never made before and I’ve signed on to hundreds of such services.

I don’t care enough to re-trace what I did to spam people, but I can assure you I won’t be using Grovo, no matter what it does, or how good it may be.

  • Even shadier, I tweeted at them asking how I could cancel my account and was told that I would have to call them so one of their customer service reps could “help [me] with those concerns.”

    Not cool, Grovo. Not cool at all.

  • Hi Rex. Yesterday we deployed an update to how users invite friends to connect on Grovo. We apologize for any confusion caused, and we’ve corrected it.

    Hi Megan, thanks for the feedback. You’re right. Deleting your account is not something you’re able to do by yourself from your profile settings. We’re going to prioritize this and make it available to all users.


  • Thanks for replying. Thanks for correcting your mistake. Thanks for manually deleting my account.