Even if You are a Baseball Hater, Enjoy This Photo

It makes me happy when I see a photo like the one above from the White House Tumblr account.

I mean, what’s not to love about the President of the United States giving some Little Leaguers a memory of a lifetime?

However, I know lots of people — including several of my friends — can’t stand baseball. Even a wonderful photo like this isn’t going to make them feel any different about their negative opinions on baseball.

Heck, I’ll even admit that baseball isn’t always a sport I enjoy.

But I don’t understand baseball haters.  Really, you can be a big fan of football without hating baseball, but they think that you can’t be a real football fan unless you hate everything there is about baseball–even Cracker Jacks.

I think there are times when we should just put aside our differences and enjoy baseball — like on a sunny spring day after a frigid record-cold winter.

When I see a photo of young baseball players getting to meet the President of the United States, I think we should all try very hard for a few moments to forget what separates us over our opinions of baseball and just  join together in singing robustly a chorus of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

Tomorrow, we can return to America’s National Pastime: Screaming at umpires and calling them bums.

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.

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Rex Hammock

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