It’s not about the salt

Marketing gurus are calling this an advertising and content campaign.


They’re calling it “branded music” too.


Calling this content marketing because there’s a Morton’s salt ad at the end and it’s being released on YouTube is about as innovative as every video ever produced. (Remember, they are all created as a content marketing campaign to sell music.)

If a salt company wants to pay for product placement, they can do so, but don’t call it innovative marketing.

On the other hand, the video is spectacularly innovative.

And for the record, I just spent five minutes promoting this to the 12 people who read this blog.

  • b2blog

    Ok Go? Awesome. Morton’s? I’m stumped. I don’t know how I’d sell salt to begin with. Did you check out the Walk With Her site? Almost equally stumping that in the other direction, they are promoting outreach to support do-gooders. I like do-gooders like I like Ok Go, but still not giving money to any of the three.

  • I’m fine with companies doing whatever they want to do with their marketing dollars and I think this video is spectacular. And today is Giving Tuesday so I’m not going to suggest that doing good is bad in any way. I think all the pieces of this are great — I just don’t see anything innovative about the way they are put together. Perhaps it’s the only way music acts (even creative ones) can make money these days.