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Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride in Nashville (photos, video)

With my bicycling friend, John Darwin, who also enjoys riding his bike in-town, I often head out on a Sunday afternoon looking for things I’ve never seen in Nashville. These days, that likely means a new real estate development or … Continue reading

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Amazon Dash: Reinventing the Cuecat, 2014

Starting over ten years ago, a long-running joke on this blog has been my fascination with (and mockery of) the recurring need inventors (including those who work for huge technology companies) have to re-invent the Cuecat. For those who don’t … Continue reading

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Social Objects, GE & Bonnie Raitt

The 12 readers of this blog will recognize some themes in the essay¬†about social objects appearing in the current Hammock Idea-Email. ¬†Also, thanks to my friend Hugh MacLeod for giving us permission to use his illustration to accompany it. More … Continue reading

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Advice to web advertisers: Dial back the retargeting

A few months ago, I posted an explanation of what advertising retargeting is. In it, I wrote: Say, you have an interest in bicycling and you spend a few minutes on a Saturday morning visiting some online retailers to see … Continue reading

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Review: All the Way starring Bryan Cranston

I rarely do reviews of any type on this blog, and rarer still (perhaps never?), review Broadway plays (although, here’s one for an off-broadway show from 10 years ago). However, I wanted to get on the record that the limited … Continue reading

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