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Advice to web advertisers: Dial back the retargeting

A few months ago, I posted an explanation of what advertising retargeting is. In it, I wrote: Say, you have an interest in bicycling and you spend a few minutes on a Saturday morning visiting some online retailers to see … Continue reading

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How Could One Not Buy a GoPro Camera After Watching This?

If the product you’re selling is a camera that adventurous people strap on to themselves to record what they see while doing adventurous adventures, don’t waste time talking about how great the camera is. Do what GoPro does in this … Continue reading

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After advertising, what? Levi’s bike commuter collection “Go to Work” media

The 12 people who read this blog know that among my top three current obsessions is riding a bicycle to and from work. (I’ve just crossed 1,000 miles of in-town bicycling during the first eight months of 2013.) A small … Continue reading

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What is advertising retargeting?

Recently, two people who live rather geek-free lives asked me the same question: What is advertising retargeting? I wasn’t pleased with my answer either time. I think I used the word “stalking.” Yesterday, I saw an ad that reminded me … Continue reading

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NeverWet – Best 2013 Example of Marketing that’s Invisible

(NOTE: This is not a post about viral or social marketing. Or, even content marketing. It’s a post about the messaging and focus of marketing. It’s about what marketing should be, but rarely is. The platform and channels are not … Continue reading

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